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One Little Word : 2015

I fully acknowledge that I have become a "sometimes blogger". Sometimes I'm all about it, sometimes not so much. Typically I blog to vent, or release what's going on in my personal life. The really great thing is that it is my blog and you are not forced to read it. 

With all that being said, I choose to participate in Ali Edward's One Little Word project annually, mostly because I have been partaking in this "tradition" since it's inception. Whether I've blogged about it, or journaled about it at home, it has become something that I like to give some attention to. 

And so, my OLW 2015 is... (drumroll please)...


This word has come up in multiple current aspects of my life. I feel that it is going to be abundantly used, it needs to be abundantly used. 

It is confounding how we as people, as human beings, can go through life almost completely unaware. Daily life, schedules, appointments, agendas, routine, it all becomes repetitive, monotonous, mundane. We become so disconnected to ourselves and the people around us. We are too tired or too busy or sometimes simply forget to invest our time and attention to each other and into the things we love. We don't do this intentionally, we just become too unconscious. 

For me, personally, I need to bring back the awareness of my every moment. I need to become better aware of my actions towards other people, more aware of the decisions I make, more aware of the way I treat and view myself (this one is super tough for me). I truly believe that if I can keep awareness, nothing but positive and beautiful things will follow. 

Cheers to a happy and healthy 2015!! xoxo

thirty years plus four

I've made it. 

I have officially lived longer than Jesus. (For those who know me well, know that this is actually a big deal for me). 

Thirty-Three was good to me. 

- I participated in a tribute to honor the fallen
- I became mother of two high school students
- I got my first (and second) tattoos
- I got in my first car accident (Don't worry, I am ok. Wasn't my fault.)
- I resigned from my second job, after 7 wonderful years. 
- I helped originate, and start up a Booster Club
- I became Treasurer for said Booster Club

I'm sure there were a million other tiny life lesssons and achievements, none of which I can think of at this moment (old age must be setting in, lol). 

Looking forward, I'd like to say that I can consistently blog here, but that's wishful thinking. I'm too busy with life, and living it. Giving everything I have to the commitments I've made in my life. Faith, Family, Friendship, Work (haha). 

I will say this. In the next year of my life I hope to achieve more wisdom. I hope to give to myself more. I hope to continue to grow in faith and in love. 


still time to change the road you're on

The Mountains are Calling Print

Oh change, how you scare me so.

There are so many things happening in my life right now. Even before they began, I could feel it coming, like the first soft blow of air before the gusts of wind turn into the tornado they were always meant to be.

I dislike change, mainly because the unknown makes me uneasy. Actually (truth be told) the unknown terrifies me, keeping me contained to the bubble I live in. It's a cozy bubble.

However, change is indeed, inevitable. We grow, we try, we succeed, we fail, we learn.

We make choices.

I like to think that almost always we base our decisions on what is best for ourselves at that particular time in our life. When you are a parent, the decision-making extends to what is best for our children, our family, as well as our self. I honor and respect these decisions, because I know they are not easy.

When the dust settles, I know that I will be okay. I will know that the decisions I make are the right ones for Me, right now, and that my decisions will benefit my children, and my family.

While my heart is painfully sad and aching at the expense of change, I will carry my memories close as I enter a new path on my journey.

It is scary, letting go of the way things were. Leaving the comfort of schedule and repetition and the known, the expected. I am apprehensive to make any move, forward or otherwise. I do, however, know that we can not move backwards, no matter how hard we try.

Surprisingly (and thankfully) I am optimistic. My heart lives in a place that says in this lifetime, anything is possible. I breathe this, in and out every day.

I don't know exactly what lies ahead. I do know that I will find out.
Where I go from here is up to God.

One Little Word : 2014

It's about that time again.... Ali Edward's One Little Word. This year, I've chosen a word that has been in my heart for the past month. My One Little Word is...


I feel as though my life and my livelihood has been being attacked, mentally and spiritually, physically and emotionally. I have come to recognize that sometimes I put myself and my family and my beliefs in open waters for others to violate. I need to be aggressive in taking back the responsibilities of my life and my livelihood.

My family, my children... they are my everything and I will protect them with all that I have.
My heart ...has been broken more times than I care to share. I will protect it, but will remain open to love.
My relationships... those need to be protected. Far too often I take them for granted, and I need to secure them with love and kindness and generosity.

My hopes are that this year be prosperous for my family. We've been through so much turmoil over the past few years, I pray that beauty shine through the ugly and all that is positive prevail.

ten things . end of 2013 edition

The holidays are always my favorite time of year. Joyful truly does describe it. There are so many things that I love about the holidays that I thought for today's 10 Things on the 10th I'd list my absolute favorites!

1.  Christmas Tree Decorating. I may or may not be a semi-professional amateur Christmas Tree decorator. I absolutely love it. The different themes, colors, textures. So many ideas. So many beautiful things.

2.  White Christmas. As in the the 1954 movie with Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Danny Kaye, and Vera-Ellen. It just isn't Christmas without watching this movie at least five times! I'm not joking. I watch it alot!! lol

3.  Snuggle Weather. When the temperatures drop to the point that it's biting and bone chilling, those are the best times to sit in front of a fire, cuddle up with the babes, or even better, snuggle up with your favorite person and a cozy warm blanket.

4.  Leggings, Scarves, Beanies and Fuzzy Boots. Yeah, pretty much the uniform of the season. With the cold temperatures (even for Arizona) this is the most effortless and most fashion savvy outfit that I wear. That most people wear this time of year. Better to have too many layers than not enough, right! And can I just note, I am in love Love LOVE with furry fuzzy boots. I bought myself my very first pair, and I swear they rarely leave my feet. I would sleep in them if I could. lol

5.  The Gift of Giving. I love Love LOVE giving gifts. Far better than receiving them. I like to hunt for that perfect gift, get it wrapped up and watch and the recipient opens up their hand-picked gift. The light and joy that fills their face truly warms my heart.

6.  Speaking of Gifts... the Ultimate Gift. How can I talk about my favorite time of year without mentioning the Reason for the Season! Our God loves us SOO Much that he sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for my sins. I can't even begin to describe that kind of love. I love reading the story of Christ's birth. I love seeing the Nativity sets all about. I love when the babes get excited about Jesus' birth. It's his party but we get the presents. lol

7.  Speaking of Presents... Gift Wrap and Ribbons and Bows. Of course, I love to wrap gifts in coordinating colors and pretty ribbons and bows. I love embellishing and personalizing gifts. Making them too pretty to open ... nah, who am I kidding. lol.

8.  What is Christmas without the Music. I'm one of those people who could listen to Christmas music all year long. Truly. It lifts my spirits, and I can never get enough of hearing Frank Sinatra, or The Carpenters, or Burl Ives. Don't ask me to pick a favorite because I just can't. There are too many songs that I love for different reasons, and they are all so very special to me.

9.  Christmas Cookie Monster. Tis true, at Christmas time I become a serious cookie monster. I try and make all the same cookies I've been making my entire life; Peanut Butter Blossoms, M&M Cookies, Mexican Wedding Cakes, Candy Cane Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Magic Bars, Snickerdoodles. While most years I don't have the time to make every cookie, I have added others to my favorites list, like French Macaroons, and Chocolate Mice.

10.  Christmas Morning. The most specialist time of the year. We wake up with our own little families, and see what Santa has left for the kids. We go through our stockings that Santa overflows every year. The dog goes absolutely bonkers when his stocking is filled. He knows his buddy, Santa has been to the house (Santa brought Gunner to us 8 Christmases ago). We open up the gifts we've given each other. Then we head over to Mom and Dads (even though Dad is gone, I still call it Mom and Dads, especially at Christmas time, because I know he is there with us). We do as we have done my entire life, and watch the kids open up their gifts left from Santa, go through stockings, and then take turns opening our gifts from each other. Pure joy! I can't wait for the morning of December 25, 2013!!